Denkasinki Maintenance Plan Aftercare

10 year original Maintenance Plan (Optional)

Until recently, PV module trouble was rather difficult to detect than Inverters.
However, we now have “I-V curve tester” (below), which can make diagnosis of PV module.


10 items to be tested in Maintenance program

Mechanical check points

  • 1.PV module
  • 2.Junction Box
  • 3.Power Conditioner
  • 4.Voltage amplifier
  • 5.Connecting pipes

Operational check points

  • 6.Power Conditioner operation
  • 7.DC voltage adjuster operation

Numerical Check points

  • 8.Open circuit voltage, I-V curve etc.
  • 9.Power Conditioner performance

Data Check points

  • 10. Generating Power Now/History

● 10 Year Plan (once a year; 10 times)  - >  125,000 JPY + Tax

● Additional maintenance ->  15,000 JPY + Tax