JAPAN QUALITY Best Master Module

7 Technology

Leading-edge technologyPERC CELL
PERC stands for Passivated Emitter Rear Contact, and refers to the dielectric layer on the back of a PERC solar cell.This layer on the back of the solar cell helps to reflect light, that passed through the cell, back into the cell so it can generate more electrons.
Anti-reflection coated glass
Since reducing reflection loss is more easily done than increasing cell efficiency by the same amount
Glass with embossed effect
Pyramid shape more improves coherency between the solar cell and the glass.
Long-term durability
Back sheet
Adopt High hiding power, Outstanding light reflectance and long-term durability of backsheet. the optical properties of the backsheet are critical in determining the performance of the photovoltaic module as higher reflectance of the inner side of the backsheet helps redirect more reflected light back to the photovoltaic cell
Anti-PID EVA has outstanding performance in anti UV aging and thermal humidity aging. Morever, high transmittance of this product helps improve the absorption of the solar energy so as to increase the cell efficiency of solar panel. Stable shrinkage can prolong the service life of solar panel.
Simple PV module Frames
High weather resistance anti scratch anticorrosion and good wearer resistance subtle edges and elegant appearance and easy processing and installation high brightness hardness
Highest Rank Junction Box
the junction box and the connectors are fully sealed to dust and fume and protected against prolonged immersion in water up to one meter deep. The electronics, with high dissipation coefficient, is in fact completely embedded in the material with which it is produced.


ALL of the PVmodules are manufactured in our own plant. Solar energy is the main source of energy on earth. Solar panels can harness this renewable energy directly and generate electricity or heat. Solar panels are environmentally friendly and reliable
TUV certificate
I got from international Certification Authority TUV SUD (TYUFUZUDO) of the world maximum level which does test authentication of various international standards and establishes the quality and safety.
power output guarantee
When it was less than 81 % to the official maximum output indicated by JIS C 8918 for 10 years from an electric power receipt start date. When it was less than 72 % to the official maximum output indicated by JIS C 8918 for 10 years from the 11th.(Only in japan)
compment device gurantee
Target the component device of the guarantee and under normal use (The monitor unit will be the guarantee for 1 year.)Only in Japan
Rain water leakage guarantee
It's without charge and equipped with the leak guarantee. I also answer to leak from the solar cell module establishment part with this guarantee.(Only in japan)
Original guarantee
On the outside chance that In substitution for us, the Insurance Company warranty rule of written guarantee mentioning for a manufacturer in a case and deal.