WILLPOWER MODULE adopted Leading-edge technology PERC CELL, and further improve output power of the monocrystal cell.

What is the benefit to be provided from new cell technology??

The whole balance becomes stable because the higher generating electricity yield can be offered through one day when comparing PERC cell solar cell module with the one for which a conventional cell was used, and the generating electricity yield obtained from the same surface area improves. It's the important benefit that user can get much generating electricity yield more in the market where I made the housing where space in a roof is limited the subject in particular.

What is PERC technology?

PERC technology is similar to conventional cells in the use of monocrystalline wafers, which are far more efficient than multi crystalline-based technologies. But PERC goes even further by providing an additional dielectric passivation layer at the bottom of the cell (see Figure 1). This extra passivation layer substantially reduces electron recombination—the tendency of electrons to recombine and block the free flow of electrons through the cell, which hinders efficiency. Think of a solar cell like a highway, with cars representing electrons traversing the cell. The more traffic (i.e., electricity) can flow freely back and forth along the highway, the more energy it can produce. In a conventional solar cell, electrons constantly recombine and clog the flow—just like traffic congestion would on a highway. The extra passivation layer added with PERC opens new lanes to minimize electron traffic and allows more current to pass through unimpeded. In addition, PERC technology reflects less light and has higher internal reflection than standard cells, further contributing to an extremely efficient solar technology. (figure 1)

The design in the back of the cell is changed and dielectric layer with "reflectance properties" is being added.

Energy Implications of PERC

The power a solar cell can produce is a function of its internal quantum efficiency (the amount of energy the cell produces at a given wavelength) and the amount of light it reflects. The ideal solar cell would reflect zero light and provide 100% internal quantum efficiency for light collected at every wavelength. PERC takes us closer to this ideal with technology that can be produced in high volumes. The added dielectric passivation layer keeps the electrical gradient (also known as the difference in charge) between the top and bottom of the cell as high as possible, so the flow of electrons is more steady and consistent. This is what reduces electron recombination, while reflectivity correlates to higher energy at all wavelengths of light (see Figures 2 and 3).

power generation amount = voltage x current x time

PERC cell will more generate current by the reflected light of inside the cell.

we make the amount of electric power generation increased by the thing which makes reflect inside the cell.

The cell holds an output fall by the high temperature.

Light is absorbed by a pole bed in the back by a conventional cell, and heat is caused, and PERC make the temperature of the cell rise and is the factor which makes the change efficiency fall. To reflect this light and spout to outside of a PV module through a cell, a PERC layer makes absorption by a pole layer decrease, and makes them reduce heat accumulation inside the cell. For PERC cell to move by the lower temperature by decrease of this thermal absorption, output improves.

Summertime makes them improve a change efficient decline at the time of hotness by the thing which makes reflect.

Because even a long wavelength and the low illumination (It's cloudy early in the morning in the evening.) can expect steady generation of electricity.
It leads to overall amount of electric power generation increase.

With the long wavelength, it refers to infrared light (750nm or more). A wavelength:The light has the property of the wave. There are a thing having a long (a wavelength), a thing having a short it for light in the same way as there being a thing of the wide thing narrow thing of the interval for a wave to spread through the surface of the water at an interval. (Figure 3)

The cell which can supplement a lot of red lights generates electricity with more electricity.

The blue light (a short wavelength) is generally converted into electricity in the vicinity of the surface of the cell, but the red light (a long wavelength) seeps to the cell inside, and it is converted into electricity in the back side neighborhood. Because the red light is hard to be absorbed by the atmosphere of the earth, the cell which can catch many red lights generally generates electricity with more electricity. Even low light and airlight of the illumination absorb a red light well, and the PERC technical "reflection" characteristic offers high generation quantity.

power generation amount = voltage x current x time

The cloudy weather also absorbs light at the time of low light early in the morning in the evening, and generating time is increased.

The higher amount of electric power generation is offered through one day.

The antireflective coating glass designed most suitably for crystal silicon modules is adopted and high sunlight transmission factor and light pollution measure are achieved.

Light pollution measure

PV module glass can prevent a light pollution by reflection and make the considered establishment the environment of the entourage.

[Why does a light pollution happen?]
Sunlight is generally reflected in the sky direction( facing South ), but when sunlight is cross with the module installed in east, west and north face, there is a possibility that catoptric light puts in a window of the neighborhood housing.

We try for an antipollution measure

AR coading(Anti-Reflection coating)

AR coating tempered glass

The glass having high optical transmittance by using the anti-reflective coating designed most suitably for crystal silicon modules (Anti – Reflective coating) for the surface. A high-efficient cell reduces reflection of glass, doesn't miss sunlight and takes it in tightly, and generates electricity much, so it can also be expected of the power selling income greatly.

The glass lets quantity of generation increase at high transmitted radiation.

Embossed (The pyramid shape)

Improved Use efficiency

The templet processing given to the surface also puts light besides the vertical incidence to good use. The sun is useful for use efficiency improvement in the time which isn't in front of the glass. The color taste peculiar to construction glass which becomes the factor which makes the transmission factor fall is removed by excluding the iron included in glass. The use efficiency of the sunlight is improved.

It's high penetration glass and embossed given surface and raises the use efficiency of the sunlight.

Excellent stability

Not only Excellent stability under damp heat and freeze-thaw conditions, but also improved the module efficiency through optimized reflectance characteristics


It is simple and functional

The ALframe match a roof of what kind of shape,included WA-GAWARA(traditional Japanese roof tile),Western-style roof tile, slate and galvalume roof and so…

The design which pursued simplicity and functionality. For example one frame part was made very easy for water from surface to drop by the frame which lost a step to the utmost. Dirt is to be difficult to collect on a frame edge, and a durable decline of rust is prevented.

Dust proof and Water proof

Highest quality to customer

When flooding and mixture of an alien substance are inside the panel, a defect is caused
The protection against dust and the waterproofing which are junction BOX in particular as well as the panel outside I tend to win rain in which are carried without exception

Water Proof (protection level)
6 Totally dust tight.
5 Protected against dust that may harm equipment.
4 Protection against solid bodies larger than 1mm (eg fine tools/small etc).
3 Protection from entry by tools, wires etc, with a diameter of 2.5 mm or more.
2 Protection against fingers or other object not greater than 80mm in length and 12mm in diameter.
1 Protection from a large part of the body such as a hand (but no protection from deliberate access); from solid objects greater than 50mm in diameter.
0 No special protection
Water Proof (protection level)
8 Protected against prolonged effects of immersion under pressure.
7 Protected against temporary immersion.
6 Protection against string water jets and waves.
5 Protection against low pressure water jets (all directions)
4 Protected against water spray from all directions.
3 Protected against spray up to 60° from vertical.
2 Protection against water droplets deflected up to 15° from vertical
1 Protection against condensation.
0 No protection.

EVASKY quality

  • 1.Strong advantage against PVB film in adhesion to various materials.
  • 2. Durability Against Heat & Moisture
  • 3. Physical Performance EVASKY has less possibility of the problem with bubble & delamination.
    High yield rate means cost reduction of your lines.
  • 4.EVASKY has high optical performance and keeps it after aging due to strong Cross-Linking.

Long-term guarantee

The long guarantee for relieved housing (charge-free)

To extend over a long term and have use surely, adoped long – term guarantee for housing.
Moreover, We have the rain water leakage guarantee to the adoping by the standard.

1.	Output power 20-year guarantee
1. Output power 20-year guarantee
When it was less than 81 % to the official maximum output indicated by JIS C 8918 for 10 years from an electric power receipt power receiving start date with the power company.
(90% of the output lower limit indicated by 81%:JIS C 8918 (90% of the official maximum output))
2.	Device components 15-year guarantee
2. Device components 15-year guarantee
Target equipment of the guarantee and defect caused by production in an installation stand (About the monitoring, warranty against manufacturing defects.
3.	install quality rain water leakage guranteee
3. install quality rain water leakage guranteee
If export installer has occurred trouble to rain water leak and the device components.
  • ○It is an electricity receipt start day with the electric power company on the application start day of the guarantee.
  • ○Among device components, the monitioring becomes the guarantee for two years.
  • ○It is a (under system 10kW in capacity) object for houses. When system capacity is more than 10kW, a guarantee for non-houses (more than system 10kW in capacity) is applied.
    In addition, rain water leakage guarantee does not accompany it about the guarantee for non-houses.
  • ※1. When use it anything other than our designated mounting systems, in the case of the setting with a mounting systems for flat roof mounting systems, metal shingle board roofs, the execution guarantee (including the rain water leakage guarantee) becomes not intended.
  • ※2. When there is not the presentation of the certificate, cannot apply a guarantee even if meet in periods. In addition, please warn the certificate because I cannot reissue it.
  • ※3., with the system capacity, it is with either small value of the official name max power of a solar battery module constituting an object system in total or value of the rating output of the power conditioner in total